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Today I am reviewing a new program from the “Samurai Family” but their best know software is probably the Market Samurai Keyword tool.

At the other hand I am now looking at a new web based software Content Samurai. A game changing software that allows you to do an entire weeks worth of VIDEO content marketing, in less than 30 minutes. If you can click a mouse, you can create killer videos with Content Samurai. It is simple to use and no confusing codes or file formats in the way.

You can now create full blown, high-quality, hypnotic content videos that keep people glued to the screen, completely from scratch – and in mere minutes…

Just like Market Samurai did in 2008, I believe that Content Samurai will completely change how people create their videos. For the first time in history Content Samurai makes video marketing quick, easy, and effective...

How does it work?

When you login to Content samurai you are brought in a dashboard where you "create video". It opens a page or a script screen where you add the text that will be in your video.

One point to make is in the Content Samurai editor I get the best results when I leave an empty line between one paragraph and another. This seems to help the system process your content and display it on the slides without any need to edit them.

After you have loaded up your script, you can either click the button that says ‘Create Slides For Your Video’ at the bottom of the scripts tab or click the Slides Icon on the left-hand side.

Content samurai immediately creates the slides and you can now choose layout, import pictures and edit the slides. If everything is well written and ready then you can record the voice over. It is very well organized and easy to learn.

But I have a video here that explains in a much better way how Content Samurai works.

Take a look at it now
Reccomended tab

Stop Using Complicated Editors! Publish Hypnotic Videos in Minutes!


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  • Diane

    Reply Reply December 16, 2015

    Yeah content Samurai is awesome, I have it. It really saves me a lot of time and I can make my own voiceovers. It is soo easy to use and if you can read you can do some really quick voiceovers. I would recommend you getting it. If you’re interested in making some money and believe me it is free to do it, just by doing simple tasks, like liking a facebook post, then you have to check out get paid social. There is already about 3000 people who join last week. It taking over the internet. Go .

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